Do all your employees have working with children’s certificates?

Yes. It is required by law and we have them all on file.

How much is the camp?

Please refer to our program page here.

Where is the camp located?

Please refer to our program page here.

Do you provide food during the camp?

No. No food will be provided on camp only drinks.

Do you have a doctor or nurse there every day?

Yes. We will always have someone who is a qualified doctor or nurse there to assist in case something happens.

Are your employee’s teachers?

We will have some teachers on camp to help with the children and getting them to and from each session. We will ourselves be involved in the whole program along with other qualified personnel in sport and recreation.

Do you have after hours care?

We offer after hours care up until 5pm to help those parents who may not be able to get away from work at an earlier time.

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